Heat & Air Conditioner Repair Service

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Signs Your Air Conditioner is on the Fritz


  • Air conditioner doesn’t turn on or isn’t cooling
  • Dramatic room temperature swings
  • Air handler is making unusual noises
  • Large water pools next to air conditioner
  • Noisy air ducts
  • The outside unit has a lot of dust, dirt or hair on it
  • The blower never seems to shut off
  • We strive to offer 1-day air conditioner repair service, when possible.

We will always first attempt to repair your air conditioner first; we only replace equipment when absolutely necessary.

If you need to recharge refrigerant in your air conditioner, we can do that no matter what refrigerant you use. We are still able to service all of the R-22 air conditioner units, and we are also working with the more environmentally friendly 410 A air conditioners.

Furnace Repair

We always do what we can to try to repair your furnace first without having to replace the entire heat and air system; we only replace heat and air equipment when absolutely necessary or if you simply want to upgrade to a newer more energy efficient model furnace.

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